The Happy Sappy Experience

We craft our films with heart and uniqueness for each and every couple. We aren’t cookie-cutter filmmakers. We don't use the same storytelling techniques in every film we make. Every couple’s love is distinct in its own way and deserves to be told wholeheartedly. We get to know each couple on a personal level months before we actually show up to their capture their wedding day. This way, we create a film that's completely customized to our couples and their love for each other. We want our films to reflect each couple's feelings for each other for years to come. That way, years later, you can watch your film and those feelings will flood in again and again. 

We don’t just give you a wedding film–we give you a client experience. We walk you through tips and tricks for your wedding day and offer a personalized PDF video guide that will help make your film the best it can be.

We film weddings so you can relive your once-in-a-lifetime moments for the rest of your lives. 

What to Expect

1. We will jump on a FaceTime call with you and chat about everything wedding! We will discuss your wedding day vision, how you two met, how you fell in love, and, of course, your pet(s). 

2. You will receive your own personalized wedding video guide PDF, giving you special wedding day guidance, our list of wedding vendor recommendations, and tips to make your wedding film the best it can be. 

3. We will stay in touch with you throughout the whole wedding process. Need advice on anything at all? We're your people! We’ll check in periodically and even follow you on social media so we can keep up with all of your adventures and cute photos of each other.

4. A month prior to your wedding date, we will send you a questionnaire via email, gathering addresses and any new wedding details.

5. The week of your wedding, we will FaceTime you both to go over all of the last-minute details. We choose to do this the week of your wedding so that all of our attention is on you two, and so that all of the information is fresh in our minds.

6. WEDDING DAY!!! We get to finally meet you in person after months of waiting and chatting back and forth. This is our favorite part because we started building our connection with you when you first booked us and it feels like we’ve been friends for quite awhile now. We like to be up close and personal. We chat with your bridesmaids and groomsmen like they’re our friends and we also get to know your family! We don't believe in making you pose a lot. We film intentional moments that unfold naturally so that when you watch your film it brings all of the emotions and memories right back to life! 

7. You get the wedding film of your dreams and a friendship for life! Some filmmakers might send you a basic questionnaire, show up to your wedding day, have you pose a lot, get their shots, and leave. We work a lot differently and we love to explain this to every couple we work with.